My MEC config

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My MEC config

Post by Flying_Dodo on Sat Feb 11, 2017 9:06 am

First, back up your old config file.
Get in game, go to controls, down on the bottom left you can export/save it or whatever, name it something you'll remember.

Download this:

Drop it in your war thunder main folder (where the other BLKs are)

Start the game, go to controls, go down to the left hand bottom corner and load the config.

This config has this:

Number pad keys
0 turns on and off MEC

1 turns on and off automatic radiator, if available
2 and 3 open and close the radiator

4 sets mixture to 60
5 and 6 increase and decrease mixture

7 turns on and off automatic prop pitch, if available
8 and 9 increase and decrease prop pitch

/ changes supercharger gear

6, on the regular keyboard (not the number pad) opens the oil radiator. I just open it all the way and leave it, so didnt map a decrease button

My S key is mapped to full elevator.

You can, obviously, tweak the keys and speeds as needed.


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